Vip Fit Club in Macedon

We’re a premier cross fitness training club with a strong commitment towards personalized 

service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

We offer .....Get Fit Bootcamps, Personal Training and a 24/7 fitness facility.

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​Well maybe groups aren't for you. That's ok. Would you rather workout alone or with a friend? Access to convenient 24 hour gym that’s close-to-home with everything you need to get results.
 Are you Traveling to workout? 

No other training like this in the area.  The VIP Bootcamp is a specialized results driven program conducted in a group enviroment that drives results. It's time to move that body. There's no excuse -- we have plenty of  classes to fit your busy lifestyle! 

We are locally owned and operated.

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You exclusive VIP training will consist of your lessons being help in a private atmosphere and conducted with professionalism educational instruction. At VIP expect superior results.  Workout with the freedom of not being interrupted by others, and have the confidence of our professionals keeping you in top form and in VIP shape! 

Why VIP Personal Training?  

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24/7 GYM


Call: (585) 310-8VIP(847)

24/7 GYM

"Fitness is a lifestyle"